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Ask anyone and they will say to you that horses are their favourite animals. Their magnificence and elegance attract admiration from all, smart, intelligent, loyal and friendly are many words that people use to describe these amazing animals. Used to work the land for generations they have a unique connection with mankind.

Small girls tend to find a love for ponies at a young age, they find them safe as they are smaller and delightful little animals. The little girls mostly love ponies, they feel safe because they are smaller and cuter. On the contrary, small boys tend to prefer larger strong horses, they can see themselves as cowboys riding a wild horse through the wild west! Adults also admire horses, as they play a hugely important role in many different cultures the world over, from Gauchos in South America to the Yakut horse herders in Siberia, so many people use horses for such a variate of jobs. It isn't just for work that people use horses though, there are a tremendous number of people who love to ride them, to watch them race, to watch them jump or just to but there is a huge number of people that love to ride, love to watch them race, or just to watch them and cherish them as animals.

Do you love horses like me? It can be very difficult for people to own and look after a horse. They require so much space that only someone with a pasture can properly look after them. Luckily there are many riding centres where you can go and become friends with a horse and spend time with them.

We host the very best collection of games, girls and boys will find games to suit their taste. From riding your favourite horse to glamorising them with dressage. Be a cowboy on a ranch rearing cows or ride a beautiful white pony as a princess, we have all the games you could possibly want.

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